Sunday, April 13, 2008

April TIF - first post

Well, I have to admit that this challenge is a very hard one for me. If you asked me I would have said that I think change is a glass half full, but....this past year has been full of big changes and a time of personal growth. I'm finally comfortable with the changes of the past year, and my glass is getting a lot fuller. It was hard for me to find the glass anywhere last year, but thanks to my friends and husband I have come out the other side.

So do I try and portray how I felt during the changes of the last year? I still can't figure out how to do that. For me change has always been a time of growth, and I certainly have had a lot of changes most of my life. If I look back the changes have resulted in something good, but they have been often been painful as they happened, even if I decided to make the changes.

The idea the has stuck in my head the most the last few days are the changing seasons. I think I will try and do something along that line. I need to find a way to show the changing seasons without getting too elaborate. I'll post more as I start my project this month.