Sunday, April 13, 2008

April TIF - first post

Well, I have to admit that this challenge is a very hard one for me. If you asked me I would have said that I think change is a glass half full, but....this past year has been full of big changes and a time of personal growth. I'm finally comfortable with the changes of the past year, and my glass is getting a lot fuller. It was hard for me to find the glass anywhere last year, but thanks to my friends and husband I have come out the other side.

So do I try and portray how I felt during the changes of the last year? I still can't figure out how to do that. For me change has always been a time of growth, and I certainly have had a lot of changes most of my life. If I look back the changes have resulted in something good, but they have been often been painful as they happened, even if I decided to make the changes.

The idea the has stuck in my head the most the last few days are the changing seasons. I think I will try and do something along that line. I need to find a way to show the changing seasons without getting too elaborate. I'll post more as I start my project this month.


Susaneta said...

Hi Meg,
Sometimes I think I'll just tie a whole bundle of threads and fabrics into one big knot to represent the pain of change! Good luck with the seasons idea.

Jane said...

Hi Meg... What cha been up to?? I'm not doing so good with Aprils challenge.. Way behind.. the colors are definately not doing it for me this month!