Wednesday, May 21, 2008

April's TIF Completed

This piece is 14.5" X 17.5".

I've FINALLY completed my April challenge. This challenge never caught my imagination and I had to fight the piece all the way, from painting the background fabric to hand finishing the binding. I did enjoy the free motion stitching at the bottom for the grasses and the flowers and also the detail work on the tree trunk.

I even had trouble taking the picture at the finish. Oh well, I'm excited abut working on the May Challenge. I'm starting on that tomorrow.

For more detail on the processes I used, look further down to the April Update entry. I went into detail on the individual processes I used for this piece.


Tanguera said...

I like all the different techniques you used.

Anonymous said...

Im glad you perservered with this - it looks great

Tyanne said...

Great piece. Isn't interesting how some pieces just have to be fought with.

Jane said...

Hi Meg, I remenber seeing your post on the TIF main page and meant to come here and leave you a comment. I really like seeing how you realyed your thoughts about change visually through this piece, very nice work. From my notes, there have been 3 out of the 5 challenges for TIF I've done have either fouled up or differed than the intent...but it's been alot of fun hasn't it???