Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and for those that don't have Thanksgiving tomorrow, lift up a glass and join in on a toast with all your US friends!

We spent 10 days working at my Dad's house and then came home. We will go back after the New Year if my brother and SIL can use our help. It was a hard 10 days, but it is always wonderful to visit with my brother and SIL and nieces and my Aunt, no matter what the circumstances. We live so far apart from them that any visit it heartwarming.

We are here in Tennessee having Thanksgiving with family and watching the coming baby grow, we went into Nashville yesterday and went to the Main Library. Oh my, it was wonderful, I was tempted to move in, 3 floors, beautiful reading rooms, its an older Marble building, kind of like the public library in NYC, a lot of art, fabric, quilting, dyeing books!

I've been working on bumper pads for the crib, so I'm even doing fiber work here. In between our time at my Dad's house and leaving for Thanksgiving, I completed two trades that had been due the end of October, my trade partners were all wonderful about my sending them whenever I got them done, and in some cases, I didn't need to send them if I didn't do them. I still got the PC from everyone.
The first trade I worked on was a Leaves PC.

I used a yellow check fabric and then I did an edging technique with different size leaves in a grape and dk. green shiva oil sticks. Some of the leaves I put in some veins and then I added some silk leaves that I had. Wish I had felt a little more creative and I would have made some lace leaves with FME. There is always more time next year.
The next exchange I had was a 5 inch quiltie call Autumn.
I made a quilt sandwich and then cut out a cornucopia from some fabric and did a little color addition with some bronze and brown shiva markers. Made the pumpkin stand alone and tacked it on, did the same with the grapes and added some silk leaves. I was pretty pleased with this one, and I really enjoyed it.
I will try and post again in a few days with some picture of where we are in Tennessee, it is just beautiful here. When we get back home I will also post the cards and the quiltie I received, I think you will enjoy all the different cards.
On a sad note, the kitty (Sassy) I use in my profile and at the top of my blog is no longer with us. When we returned in September from our vacation she was very thin and continued to get skinnier and skinnier every day, we changed food, and when we went back to my Dad's house after he died we left her at the vet, so she would get fluids and care while we were gone. When we returned she had held her weight but was not eating a great amount., her labs were good, no sign of any masses, she was alert and didn't seem in pain. We had her on pepcid, to help her digestion and before we left for Thanksgiving she stopped eating. Took her in to be boarded, when we left, she did eat the day before, and have an ultra sound performed. Unfortunately the ultra sound showed that she had cancer in may of her organs, and she would not be getting better. It wasn't a hard decision for me to make when I heard that so she is at peace now, I really miss her, but that is what happens when we allow animals to adopt us. The other 3 cats and 2 dogs are at home with the pet sitter and are being spoiled rotten!
Everyone count your blessings and have a wonderful holiday season!


Sandy said...

I have your quiltie and it's wonderful.

Sandy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I did enter you in the drawing for the scarf.